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Meet The Fully Managed® Team - Koustav

Karen Sooby Karen Soo @ Fully Managed™
Posted 1 year ago

1. Describe yourself with three words.

  • Results oriented, logical, and fun.

2. What is your role at Fully Managed®? How long have you been with Fully Managed®? What are 3-5 of your main duties/responsibilities at Fully Managed®?

  • I am an Infrastructure Analyst and I started with Fully Managed® in November 2014 and will celebrate my two years in November of this year. I first started with Fully Managed® as a Client Support Specialist, then moved to a Junior Infrastructure Analyst position, and now the Infrastructure Analyst position. I have now taken over the complete responsibilities for the Centralized Services team (e.g., back-ups, security, virtual machines, server stability, patching, Linux environment, and etc.) which also includes day to day functionality and working systems. I also help train new staff in the Centralized Services department while providing a helping hand to the Command Centre (Helpdesk) department.

3. What is your favourite thing about working here at Fully Managed®?

  • By far the people. The environment that we work in is critical for our peace of mind. The people I work with aren't just colleagues, but friends.

4. What is your proudest moment at Fully Managed®?

  • When I completed a Linux project for a client in the biotech industry. I helped them create a new Linux server for disaster recovery purposes.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to individuals interested in joining the team at Fully Managed®?

  • Never give up on learning, no matter what age you are. Never feel shy to ask any of the staff for help and/or direction as any IT department wasn't built by one person in one day.

6. Bonus question: Who would win in a fight – caveman vs. astronaut?

  • Without a doubt an astronaut, assuming the astronaut is in space and the caveman is on Earth. The caveman will be stuck with stones as weapons whereas the astronaut can use a satellite as his weapon.

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