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Laptops for Africa – 2014 Initiative

Miranda Jhaby Miranda Jha @ Fully Managed™
Posted 3 years ago


We started an amazing initiative a few years back called "Laptops for Africa" where we helped save some older, but still functional laptops from the landfill by refurbishing them and sending them to Africa for use in schools and community organizations.

We saw first-hand what a difference these laptops could make in the lives of people that otherwise would not have access to this technology and you can read more about how access to a laptop helped improve the quality of life for a family here:

This year, we are eager to expand this program and we need your help. We are looking for your old, out of date laptops, functional or not.

How the program works:

  1. We gather all laptops we can get.
  2. We will arrange pick up from your business or home.
  3. Our tech team wipes them clean and installs new programs.
  4. We ship to our contact in Africa for distribution to community organizations
  5. They are distributed and help change some lives with technology

Our goal is to have 50 laptops refurbished and ready to go by July 1st 2014.

If you have any company or personal laptops that you are looking to discard or if you are interested in participating, please call 1-888-897-4382 or email us at



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