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HR and Technology Industry Misconceptions

Karen Sooby Karen Soo @ Fully Managed™
Posted 1 year ago

When I signed my contract to start an HR role at Fully Managed®, I went in with preconceived notions about the people I was going to work with and the people that I would be recruiting for. I thought that I was going to walk into a workplace that housed a bunch of geeky techs and that I would be asked to find similar geeky techs. Now, as unfair as my preconceived notions were, I was not alone in that thought. Some people were warning me that with my lack of an IT background, I would be shunned by their bright IT minds. Others were telling me that with my talkative personality, I would scare off the introverted tech. Even more, my professional peers were half-joking about how I would have to compromise my recruitment ethics by ignoring the soft skills for the technical skills. Suffice to say, I was slightly worried but I was also completely wrong.

Yes, there are quiet people that I work with but they are no different than the quiet people that I have worked with elsewhere. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised about how open everyone was to receiving a new team member. There were greetings, laughs, and jokes shared instantly on my first day here. These were people that welcomed me with open arms. They made it clear on the very first day that there was going to be no judgement on their end – only support. My first month here was just a series of questions after questions for all the Fully Managed® staff. Whether it was about my computer issues or what a technical word or abbreviation meant, no one ever made me feel like I was inferior to them. They would patiently wait for me to write down notes or answer me as soon as I had a question. Even though I was new, it felt like I fit right in.

The first week here I was told that culture fit was the most important thing to look for in our recruitment efforts. There were no ifs, ands, or buts – the candidates had to fit in with Fully Managed®. They said that top-notch technical skills and abilities were important (obviously) but if they could not communicate well during the interview or if they came in with a very evident anti-team mentality then it would be a unanimous no from everyone. Naturally, I was stunned but extremely impressed. To hear the management and leadership team say that the hard skills are not everything and that the soft skills are the make or break was simply a big sigh of relief for me.

Overall, and even though it has only been a few months since I have been with Fully Managed®, I think I can undoubtedly say that I made the right choice in joining this particular MSP company. The delightful people I work with here are just as wonderful as the delightful people I have worked with in my past roles and industries. I now constantly find myself telling others that the tech industry is not so different and intimidating after all. Maybe soon, and with time, I can call myself an honorary tech.

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