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Getting From the Day Instead of Through the Day

David Reeveby David Reeve @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

Let's call it as it is....we live in a very fast past world full of distractions and many things that want the gift of our attention.

The challenge with this is that for the most part we generally walk around in a state of not really being "present". We are typically focused on the "next conversation", the "next meeting", the "next place to be", the "next day" or the "next task" etc. This happens in our personal and our business lives. Further, we are robbing ourselves of "moments in life" and actually doing others a disservice when they are asking for the gift of our attention.

Let's use a company as an example and a meeting you have been asked to attend:

A person (this could be an internal team member or a client) calls a meeting with you. You meet and listen to what they are saying (maybe...not really listening, as you have checked your iPhone 3 times and returned 2 emails during the conversation...distractions). The person asks for a request and you immediately give an answer, a promise, or note their request and say you will circle back...not really thinking the full impact of the response through because you really just want to get "through this meeting" and not "from it" and therefore you say whatever it takes to accomplish this and "get out" of this meeting. The challenge here is that the person deserves better, they will hang on every word you have said, every promise you made and will be expecting you to deliver.

Fast forward 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years or?: When the topic comes up again (and it will because people have long memories), you develop a mild case of memory loss and cannot remember what you said "back then", or even worse will say, well what I meant to say at the time was and sorry you mistook it another way....result....damaged person = damaged brand = bad.

So here is the trick: wherever you are... be there. Treat the moments and the person like there is nothing more important in the world. If you have booked a meeting with someone, give them the gift of your attention. Listen without thinking of what you are going to say next, pause, reflect and deal with it on the spot with a direct accurate response. Even circle back with them the next day and make sure all is good and there is complete alignment. People may not always like what they hear, but will massively respect you for being honest, giving them the gift of your attention and making them feel like they mattered.

Same in your personal life...wherever you are be there, enjoy the moments in life as they occur. When you are with family, be with family. When you are working out, work out. When you are walking hand in hand with your loved one, walk hand in hand. Trust me...the "next conversation", "next meeting", "next place to be", "next day" or "next task" will be there waiting for you...there is no need to rush to get there and rob yourself and others around you of the gift of the "now".

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