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The Evolution of IT: Step Four - Stabilization through standardization

Todd Kaneby Todd Kane @ Fully Managed™
Posted 4 years ago

Most IT groups struggle to find the time to focus on the important tasks week to week. ​When most of your day is spent in a reactionary mode you have no time for strategy and forward thinking. The easiest way for IT groups to provide a better service is to provide less choice. Stabilization often comes from standardization. The truth is, a vast majority of users aren't terribly comfortable with technology. They couldn't care less about how it's done. Unifying IT support by standardizing the platform is central to lowering support request volume and perceived quality of service.

  • Define a service catalogue based on your findings from the asset and service review (see Step Two)
  • Match business SLA's to these offerings
  • Quickly rationalize down your support list and work on supporting the business essentials
  • Push for standards

The predictability of support and user interface will lower the number of reactionary requests.  In addition, users should notice an improvement in the response and resolution times, which will deliver the fanatical service that they expect.

Fully Managed® is creating peace of mind for our clients by designing customized hybrid cloud and private cloud environments. This strategy is one of several ways to quickly build a standardized and stable environment for users and to realize the massive ROI of standardization.

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