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Business Continuity from A to Z

Chris Dayby Chris Day @ Fully Managed™
Posted 3 years ago

Backup & DR: The Next Generation

Our partners demand a very high level of service and capabilities when it comes to backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. Every 3 to 4 years, we engage in an internal process to review our capabilities around key, standardized technology platforms. This year, business continuity was a big focus as more and more of our partners are looking for enhanced peace of mind around their data protection and ability to recover from a disaster.

We are pleased to announce that after 3 months of thorough evaluation, we have established a new vendor partnership in order to bring a next generation business continuity solution into our portfolio. The new solution provides a number of benefits over traditional backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions, even those that we standardized upon several years ago.

Through our technology refresh process, we will gradually be rolling out the opportunity for our partners to upgrade to this new and exciting platform which has several excellent benefits, many of which are summarized below.


Automatic VPN (Virtual Private Network) - connects your offices to the cloud with the ability to access virtual servers in a remote data center.

Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery - keeping your business up and running, not just the security that your data is securely off-site.

File Restore - ability to recover a single file from a backup, not just a complete backup - especially in a timely manner.

Hybrid Cloud Backup - providing local backups for rapid capture and recovery, but also off-site backup in the cloud, resulting in multiple copies of data for ultimate security.

Instant Recoverability - the ability of the backup platform to provide rapid, even instantaneous, recovery in the event of a total server failure or data loss situation.

Off-Site Virtualization - even if your entire location is destroyed by a fire, flood or theft-type scenario, off-site virtualization means that your servers can be powered up remotely, in the cloud, within minutes or hours.

Recoverability - the likelihood that your backup/data will be recovered successfully in the event of a critical failure.

Screenshot Backup Verification - often, backup software reports a successful backup but there is no way to validate that indeed the data is usable. Screenshot verification forces the machine to actually power up and get to a login screen, indicating that the system is actually able to boot in the event of a failure.

Tape Drives - while they still have their place for very large backup environments, they are rapidly losing their place and are not a preferred solution when compared with hard disk-based solutions.


We will have more information available in the coming weeks to our valued partners around opportunities to take advantage of some of these new and exciting features. Please stay tuned!

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