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Anti-SPAM legislation

Todd Kaneby Todd Kane @ Fully Managed™
Posted 3 years ago

Many people have heard about the recent Canadian Government legislation regarding SPAM and since most businesses are doing some level of email-based mass communication with their clients and prospects, naturally, business owners are asking "how does this impact me?". To ensure you are complying with these regulations, there are a few simple steps that you can take:

Stop sending mass communication from an email program like Outlook, and use a mass-mailing program.

This legislation is focused on reducing SPAM by allowing the recipients of your mass email communication to opt out of future messages, a feature that is not automatically included when sending email from Outlook. Free mass mailing programs (like MailChimp) allow you to send a polished, customizable communication to your clients and prospects that will also include a link to unsubscribe to future communication and update your mailing lists if the recipient decides to opt out.

In addition, using a mass mailing service will help reduce the amount of your messages caught in SPAM filters and allow you to get through to more of your recipients. This is unrelated to the legislation and simply a comment on how mail security software determines what is likely to be SPAM.

Be proactive and send a message regarding the new laws before July 1, 2014.

Through your new mass mailing service, you can send your customers and prospects an opportunity to unsubscribe to future communication before the deadline. If recipients choose not to unsubscribe you have effectively received consent for future messages and should* be in compliance with the new law.

*Please note that this posting should not be considered legal advice and Fully Managed® recommends that you consult legal counsel where appropriate.

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