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The Advantages of Good Documentation

Chris Dayby Chris Day @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

People, Process & Technology

It's well known that we need great, inspired people in order to lead in a highly competitive business climate. More than ever before, businesses are now also embracing the idea that the technology ecosystem including IT infrastructure, IT support, business applications, tools, etc. need to be on the leading edge in order to become competive. With these two key areas address, what's left? Verne Harnish, founder of Gazelles and world-renowned business growth and profit guru states quite eloquently:

"The first company in any industry that fully embraces the LEAN methodology will dominate their industry over the long run"

So, assuming you have the right people on-board and technology acquired, how do you leverage process to become become dominant? You need a total commitment to developing your business process to drive standardization - resulting in repeatable, efficient, consistent delivery. In our business, great documentation not only facilitates a more streamlined, economical operating model (e.g. ability to hire and train employees faster), but also drives an enhanced customer experience, ultimately enabling growth without impacting service. 

When is the right time to document?

  • Documents should be created when a new process or procedure is implemented
  • When there is a change to an existing process or procedure
  • Periodically all company documents should be reviewed to encourage process improvement, to reduce data redundancy, and to evaluate methodology

Characteristics of good documentation

  • Zero errors in spelling, grammar, & formatting
  • 3 C's (correct, complete, current)
  • Tagging (links) 
  • Pictures and attachments
  • Easily repeatable/understandable
  • Document as you go, not after
  • More is more (not less is more)

Benefits of good documentation

  • Knowledge & Learning Preservation - ensures the effective transfer of knowledge and learning, and faciliates communication of information
  • Increases Quality & Consistency of operations
  • Standardized reference that ensures Absolute Accountability 

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